Consulting Services

LabLynx, Inc. has at its disposal a vast network of professionals to serve you in every aspect of your laboratory, scientific or healthcare informatics needs. In addition to the default support services included with every LabLynx account, LabLynx, Inc. offers a complete selection of professional services, from training and implementation to custom development. Professional services include:
  • Setup & Training - If you need additional setup and/or training services outside of your included solution package, and you prefer not to use the comprehensive guidance in the online manual to set up your system and train users, LabLynx will be happy to provide these services.
  • Customization - Let us know about any special features or functions you'd like, either during scope planning (see the Requirements Checklist) or by submitting a request ticket to the Help Desk any time. Additional features/functions or Custom Plugins can be purchased to order.
  • Integration - Connect anything to anything with LabLynx's integration services. Whether it's through our exclusive LabVia integration or simply file transfers, LabLynx will link your LIMS or LIS with your EHR or other systems, instruments/devices, agencies, billing services or any other entity to help you manage your data smoothly and accurately throughout your facilities.
  • Validation - Compliance with applicable standards is a huge part of successful lab management, and LabLynx, Inc.'s solutions support them all. If you need help in validating to a particular regulation or standard, whether CLIA, CAP, CLSI, 43 CFR, GALP/GAMP, ISO 17025, 21 CFR part 11 or some other, LabLynx is here for you. Just include it in your original scope (see the Requirements Checklist) or submit a request ticket any time. In fact, the Validation Plugin module runs an automatic script and generates a report that will satisfy many regulatory compliance requirements for validation.
  • Go Live Assistance - It's always handy to have some professional backup as you begin using the system for the first time. No matter how careful you are in setting up and training, it always seems something unforeseen chooses that moment to surface! Keep your system launch stress-free by purchasing Go Live Assistance services from the professionals at LabLynx, Inc..

Staffing Services


One of LabLynx, Inc.'s many services offered to the laboratory, scientific and healthcare community is recruiting of the right professionals to fill any staffing needs you have. In addition to use of the Job Board to post openings, you can make use of our many years of qualifications and experience in this industry to find the right people for you. Most staffing agencies or recruiters are too generalized to do a good job of selecting appropriate candidates for a given vacancy, relying on inaccurate and easily-fooled keyword searches. It's easy to see how much sense it makes to use a company who lives and breathes your business daily, indeed, founded the very authority that sets many standards for the industry and provides information and resources, the Laboratory Informatics Institute, to find just the perfect fit for your unique needs.

LabLynx staffing services pricing is simple and transparent. There is no cost at all if we don't place anyone with you. If you do hire a candidate we recruited, the fee is a one-time 20% of the projected first year's salary.

Contact us at any time through the Help Desk, or give us a call or email, and one of our highly-skilled professional recruiters will be assigned to make sure you find the perfect person to meet your needs.