Send Manual Alert

Send Manual Alert Overview

Manual Alerts are messages that may be sent by users on an "as needed" basis. These messages are sent to a single user or group of users. Users may simply click on the flashing Alert icon at the top right of the browser to display the message.

Alert on page - manual.zoom61.png

For example, a system user wishes to alert another user that they have had a difficulty with a specific sample. The sender knows that the recipient of the problematic sample needs to know this information to properly handle the sample. By sending an alert, the sender can be assured that the sample recipient will have record of the issue. Once the recipient receives the alert, he/she could ignore it (in which case their alert icon will continue to flash indefinitely), or acknowledge the alert, which will cause the icon to cease flashing and will time and date stamp the alert message.

To Send a Manual Alert

1. Navigate to menu item Send Manual Alert.

Send manual alert screen - manual.zoom62.png

2. In the text box area, enter the message you wish the recipient(s) to see.

3. Select desired recipients (select multiple users using Ctrl button) and click Add Add button - manual.zoom59.png, or select Add All Add all button blue - manual.zoom65.png to send the alert to all users in the system.

4. Click Send Alert.