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Unless you are a startup, you probably have some historical records stored somewhere you may need moved to your new system. If they're on paper, fine, they can stay there! But if they are spreadsheets maybe you'd like them in the new database so you can easily retrieve them if necessary. And if your old system has a database that will be going away and there is a possible need to be able to retrieve its records, then you'll want to price in data migration services from LabLynx.

We can do all or part of it, depending on your own resources. The price is strictly based on the number of hours it will take, so the condition of your existing data is the largest determiner. If there's a lot of cleanup to be done, you may want to weigh up the cost against the value of bringing them over. But if you do decide to go ahead, we'll supply the experienced professionals to make sure you get all of the data you require, cleanly and as efficiently as possible.