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No matter what level of government you are associated with - federal, state or local, CDC or even WHO, you are part of a great network charged with the well-being of the public, who count on you for detection and prevention of everything from rabies and dengue fever to radiological contaminants, genetic disorders in newborns and terrorist agents.

Documentation and reporting are of course an integral part of the PHL, so keeping things accurate, and organized, so data are easy to access and report to the proper agencies, is very important. And these days, you may be part of a public health system, which means you need to be able to connect up with other systems and selectively manage the sharing of data locally as well as with those government agencies and other organizations..[1] Two-way information flow with patients and the public at large also plays an increasing role in the modern public health model. For these reasons and more, LabLynx's web browser-based, integrated and flexible clinical LIS solution is the ideal system for public health laboratories.

WebLIMS for Public Health

The main component of the LabLynx LIS Solution for the Public Health Lab is webLIMS itself. The webLIMS clinical LIS is optimized for quick functions and ease of use, so your patients' results are turned around as soon as they are ready. Speed is of the essence, yes, but so is accuracy. Barcoded labels, auto-filled fields and automatically-generated unique specimen IDs all help minimize transcription errors and maintain peak accuracy. And you can achieve the best accuracy and speed possible, meeting all CLIA HITECH standards and more by interfacing your instruments directly with webLIMS.

Your LabLynx solution comes with an included Report Builder, as well as a standard selection of clinical reports, so you can meet all of your reporting requirements. Additionally, it readily interfaces with any other systems, instruments and devices or databases, helping you function as a coordinated, integrated system - the way modern data management is supposed to be. Forget rummaging through file cabinets, struggling with printers and copiers. LabLynx brings your laboratory and network up to date. And its unrivaled user-configurability means it is easily modified and extended to meet growing demands for decades - without the need for costly additional development. And if you are a government lab, you know how difficult it can be to get budgets approved for replacing obsolete systems...!

With LabLynx’s cloud-hosted solutions, you get complete LIS and associated data handling and more. And there’s no additional charge for as many physician, MT/MA or phlebotomist logins as you need so they can securely enter test requests and/or access their reports from anywhere using the webLIMS online portal.

Features That Meet Your Needs

Your LabLynx LIS solution includes an extensive range of features and functions to give you everything you need, no matter the testing requirements.Automatically assign assays based on specimen type or program - or any other criterion - complete with specific ranges and flags for high/low values included in your report automatically.

Your solution will include all of the webLIMS LIS features plus specifically selected additional apps from our® suite, and we'll help you fine tune it to suit your unique preferences (it's very user-configurable). Some of the many features and functions include:

  • Configurable Specimen Accessioning - Capture all the data you need - and only what you need - and track and report by single specimen, fractions/aliquots and/or multiple specimens for a single patient
  • Physician Portal - Clinics, Physicians, MTs, MAs, Phlebotomists etc. can securely submit and access test requests, statuses and results reports from anywhere
  • Specimen Copy - Set up and receive any number of similar specimens, mass-assign assays/panels and make any changes quickly and easily
  • Barcoding - Auto-generate barcoded labels and scan to instantly recall patient/specimen data
  • COC - Receive and track using barcoded Chain of Custody
  • Control Charting - Track and reports trends
  • Instrument Management - Keep track of maintenance and calibration schedules and history
  • Interfacing - Your system will interface with anything you want - EHR/EMR, instruments, billing services, 3rd-party apps, agencies, ERP, whatever you need
  • Report Builder - Build your own reports any time you want (standard reports and barcoded labels included in setup)
  • Scalability - add functionality, add volume. No limits.
  • CRM, BI, CMS, PM and much more - The® suite of apps is included in your solution, offering complete data management for your lab and office, department or organization

Compliant with Standards and Regulations That Are Important to You

Let your solution help you stay compliant with all the regs and standards so clients know your services are the very best quality they can get. Your LabLynx solution for Clinical Reference supports these and more:

  • CLIA
  • CAP
  • 21 CFR part 11
  • 40 CFR 3
  • APHL


  1. "The State Public Health Laboratory System". Public Health Reports / 2010 Supplement 2 / Volume 125. APHL/ Retrieved 28 July 2016.