Collaborative science is at the heart of the LabLynx® community, and at the base of its app suites and Editions. The Collaboration Suite is free and included with all ® Editions. It consists of your free ® account, free collaboration apps, and community support. The Collaboration Suite apps comprise the full content of the ® Community Edition. These include:

  • Communication
  • Projects
  • Experiments
  • Integrations
  • Development


The Collaboration Suite utilizes the open source app Mattermost as an enterprise-wide internal and/or external messaging service. It allows for public, private or one-to-one chats, with easy file sharing, image transfers, etc. in a chat matrix, not unlike Skype or Slack. In fact, users can import their Slack accounts and channel archives. It also includes a search function, allowing users to find mentions of their name or any other search terms.