Setup and training are a standard part of every LabLynx webLIMS solution, and available as an option with others - all supported by a selection of free resources including manuals, video tutorials and the LIMSforum community.

The reason training is so closely linked with setup here is that our approach is collaborative and hands-on, so that you gain valuable knowledge about configuring your system as you participate in its initial setup. WebLIMS in particular was always designed to be very user-configurable, so you can be independent, able to conform it to your own needs and preferences again and again as they change, simply and easily, without the need for costly development.

With the training materials easily at hand online and training sessions also conducted online at times that suit your busy schedule, you are equipped for success. All sessions are recorded so you can review them and/or share them with others as needed. Onsite or LabLynx HQ training is also available if desired.

Training is normally divided into two areas: Administrative (Admin) and User.